Inspiration & a Sexy-as-Hell Texas Cop

Ya know… Readers often wonder where inspiration comes from for writers. I can pretty much confirm that for me, it comes from a lot of things. Personal life experiences, those of people I know, stuff I borrow from favorite characters on cable TV series shows… The list goes on and on.

So, today, while checking in at the Readers group for the #1 Erotica author team at Amazon, I found this pic. My panties got a bit damper… 😀

Mainly because it reminds me of a time in my late twenties when my sisters and I were traveling across the state of Texas like a bat out of Hell.


More or less, the Texas police had satellite tracked us across the highways of Texas. The speed limit is already a fast 70 MPH, but many go 80-90 MPH since there is literally next to nothing in sight for hours at a time.

Being younger and stupid, my sisters and I were pushing the limits so we could get out of the hot weather and dry as Hell landscape of Texas. It just so happened I was the one driving when we were getting close to the Texas & Louisiana border. Since I was pushing 90+, I was risking going to jail at that speed.

So there I was, getting pulled over by just about the sexiest cop I’d ever seen. I already knew I was up shit creek, but he was so Alpha, manly, masculine and sexy that I could barely think straight.

I mean, the naughty thoughts I was having once I’d stepped out of the car, at his request, were over the top. He had the classic tan Texas cop uniform, a cop-cowboy hat and the sexiest pair of leather-man-boots I’d ever seen.

I was having a very hard time being one hundred percent cooperative and conciliatory since I know it was likely I might end up in jail for speeding 20 MPH over the speed-limit.

Needless to say, and very much gratefully so, he was VERY firm with me. I got my ass chewed verbally about Texan heat and cement highways being too warm for speeding and how our tires could have blown at any point in time and how they had been tracking us for three days.

GULP. Busted.

So, yeah. I knew I was in trouble. And wow, did I like it! LMAO!

So anyways… he actually eased up on me once he realized I was sincere in realizing we’d been stupid to go so fast as I didn’t realize the whole tires blowing because of hot cement thing.

Needless to say, I got one Hell of a speeding ticket. But the best sexy copy memory of my entire life!

~ Ruby


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