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SHIFTER-Grizzly-BC-5-PLAY Hello Dear Readers!

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Over a year ago when I started writing the serial, SHIFTER: Grizzly, I did so with a different goal in mind. I had done some research into what other paranormal shifter readers were writing. Although I enjoyed many of them, I found that I wasn’t inclined to follow some of the more typical or general tropes their story-lines took.

Instead, a different idea popped in my head. And it was quite different. I was thinking about how funny it would be to have a character, a heroine who was an author of the genre meet a bear shifter. The catch? She was oblivous to the fact that shapeshifters are real. Unbeknownst to her, she’s walked right into a relationship with the man of her dreams with one major catch – he’s a bear shifter. A grizzly, no less.

The other thing I decided is that I wanted the story to be amusing, light-hearted and hopefully funny. Turns out, that sort of wrote itself into the parts as some of the scenes and interactions that happen between Cassidy and Abe are downright hilarious. Lots of readers reached out to me and expressed appreciation for the comedy in the series. That they had laugh out loud moments while reading.

I also heard something quite fascinating that I wasn’t anticipating. Many readers said that Abe was an ideal man to them. It was great to hear this since I had’t written him that way. How I did write him, however, was as if he were the perfect man for me.

That’s right. Abe is my ideal. He’s the calm to Cassidy’s crazy, funny energy. He’s the man who can handle her and manhandle her (wicked wink). He appreciates her energy and zest for life, her Alpha strength and courage. He has been around the block, and learned that finding the one, the perfect mate can be hard but worth the journey, even if it takes him out of familiar territory. Abe is easy to adore. And he’s not arrogant at all. He’s handsome as hell, but is humble about it.

So, knowing this – I allowed myself to write the story as it came to me and to not push it. Many authors write under intense timeline pressure. Whether traditional or indie, we always have a deadline blinking over our heads. For me, this story was important enough that I would give it all the time needed to percolate out of me. I also left it open-ended so that it could go longer than I typically write.

This is where I say thank you to those readers who’ve been ever-patient waiting for each part. You’ve been really, REALLY patient. I have a million reasons as to why Part 5 has been so delayed. Please trust me that it has been for significant reasons and nothing superficial. Writers are people, we have personal and family things that can get in the way of even the most disciplined of authors. That has been the case for me over the last 6 months.

So, the good news is that I’m working on Part 5. I’m not 100% sure, but there might even be a Part 6? If not a Part 6, there might be another chapter / serial, but it will be more involved with Abe’s Bear Clan in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. We shall see… It all depends on if Cassidy and Abe keep telling me their story or not. Hard to tell at the moment!

So, with that said – the publish date is set for 6/15. I know that is still 2 months away and truth be told, I think I will be able to finish it sooner, but I wanted to give myself ample time. I do a lot behind-the-scenes with other aspects of my small writing and publishing business and that takes up valuable time.

So, here it is. PART 5 can be bought for PRE-ORDER. Thank you very much for reading my stories. I’m sorry I can’t write them as fast as some authors can, but I always strive for a great read. Something that will be memorable. I appreciate you joining me for the journey!


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