A Sports Romance Serial: Her Kicker, #1

Sports Romance Serial >>> Her Kicker, #1
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HIM: I’ve always been known as a lady’s man… but I’m ready for something different. I’ve retired from pro soccer and am starting a new stage in my life. I want a partner, a lady friend – dare I say, wife material? But old habits die hard, right? And right now SF49girl has my attention…


HER: I don’t have time in my life for a relationship. I’m too damned busy with my career. Sure, I’ve got needs… and I take care of those casually, finding what I need online – but I’m just not the right type to be a wife or mother.

*  *  *

SF49girl, a.k.a. Casandra is a very successful businesswoman residing in San Francisco who has many private sexual conquests to her name. Using online dating websites and casual sex forums, she finds her lovers via the internet. Most never make it to her bed, but of those who do, they find themselves enjoying her and her toy box. Smart, safe, and savvy – she’s been content and satisfied not being in the confines of a relationship until she meets Ryan online.

Ryan Farish has always been known as a lady’s man. A famous, newly-retired soccer player – he’s had a change of heart and is seeking a committed relationship with a woman of his dreams

Drawn to one other with unexpected playful, erotic intimacy, will the online relationship wither and die like so many have before? Or will it blossom and turn into something tangible, in the real world?

This story includes PROFANE language, as well as adult, and sexual content.
*  *  *
EXCERPT: I turned on the web-cam and beamed a sexy, naughty smile into the computer screen.

Him: ‘Why hello lovely…’

Me: ‘Same to you.’ I was soon admiring his handsome, boyish face and his nude chest and torso. His brown eyes were warm, like his smile. He had a bit of day-old stubble. Scruffy but sexy.

Him: ‘What’cha munching on there?’

Me: ‘Ice cream…’ I made a point of taking a bite and as I pulled the spoon out of my mouth, I took my time sucking the rest of the ice cream off of it.

Him: ‘Damn! Eating ice cream has never looked so good.’

Me: ‘I’m an indulgent creature. I like to enjoy myself. Head to toe.’

Him: ‘Such a sexy lady. Will it bother you if I touch my cock while we web-cam?’

Me: ‘Such a gentleman. Please, be my guest.’

I was flirting coyly, shamelessly at this point. One of the things I enjoyed best about the online interaction is that I could be so brazen, behaving like a little sex-slut toy. I mean, the man was hundreds of miles away. It was safe. He didn’t know my real name, what part of the city I lived in, where I worked, whether I was truly single or married. Nothing. All he knew was what I chose to share or reveal to him.

Speaking of revealing… His next IM pleased me.

Him: ‘Show me how much you enjoy your ice cream.’

I perked up. I liked the direct, commanding request. I felt the heat go straight to my groin.

Me: ‘Be imaginative. Tell me how you want me to enjoy it.’

He didn’t miss a beat, his next request floored me.

Him: ‘Put the spoon in your ice cream, get it good and cold, and rub it on your nipple.’

I’m sure he noticed my pleasantly shocked surprise. I was frozen for a brief moment but found myself doing exactly as he asked.

I pulled one of my full breasts out, completely exposing my tit to him. I dipped my spoon into my ice cream bowl and let it get chilly. I licked the side that had ice cream on it, enjoying the creamy goodness. I then slowly applied the still chilled side to my nipple.

The zing went straight through me. My nipple was hard instantly.

Him: ‘Gaaawwwd… so sexy. Do it again. With the other one. Pull them both out for me.’

I pulled out my other breast, each of them perked up with my hard nipples. I languished a bit while I chilled my spoon again, allowing him a good amount of time to stare at my tits. I repeated the same thing with my other breast and this time, my eyes rolled back.

So simple. So hot. I was already completely aroused. I wondered if he could tell.

Him: ‘Go get your toy-box, the one you sent me a pic of.’

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