WIP’s (Works in Progress)

Hello Dear Readers…

Hard to believe we are coming up on the end of the year already? I thought I would share what stories I’m working on currently. Here is what is in my WIP.

+ + the Trillionaire’s Space Maid + +


DESCRIPTION: Cameron Duke the Fourth is fleeing Earth to escape all the unwanted attention from the masses. Literally, the world’s most eligible bachelor, he’s had enough of Earth women who only seek his prestige, power and money.

As the sole heir to his family’s businesses, he is the world’s first trillionaire.

Time and time again, Rachel Sioux has opened her heart only to be burned, jilted, dumped and left wanting. What’s wrong with her? So, when she is approached by her employer to do housecleaning work in the most unlikely of places for a very good salary, she hops at the opportunity.

Even if it is in space!

+  +  +

SHIFTER: Polar Bear, Part Two


DESCRIPTION: Ben is Ivy League bound. Focused on his schoolwork and swim-team scholarship, he’s ambitious and won’t allow anything or anyone, get in the way of his life goals.

Amber is used to being the awkward best friend. Curvy and fair-headed, fair-skinned – she doesn’t fit in with most of the students at the sunny California university she attends.

When Ben comes to Amber’s rescue, he’s not prepared for the strong attraction and draw to the sweet, curvy woman. His bear is all about it, but he has to play it right so he can enjoy their time together without his coach getting on his case.

+  +  +

the Dragon’s librarian


DESCRIPTION: …is forthcoming


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