Romance In All Flavors…



I’ve opened up my private facebook group for readers and fans to join! Come on over and join in the fun. Weekly shenanigans include discussing my upcoming releases for all pen-names, sharing excerpt teasers, revealing book-covers, getting your opinion on book-related things, discussing your favorite books and more!


Currently, I have a contest going for the best suggested title for my new science fiction romance. Come on over and suggest a name! I will set up the poll to select the winning title soon. Winner will get an Amazon GiftCard.



You nominated me, so now VOTE for me! My SPORTS ROMANCE, Her Baller, was nominated. Her Baller has 56 reviews with a 4.5 average.



CINDY: A very entertaining and interesting read. It was a bit different and creative, compared to some of the other sports romance that I have read. But I thought the author did a great job. Not only was the story good and different, but I thought the relationship that develops between the characters was also different. It wasn’t a insta love, but a love that grew from a sort of unconventional way of meeting. I thought this to be very refreshing and not redundant. I think if your a fan of this genre then I would definitely read this and add it to your reading library. This was the first book I have read from this author and I hope to read more in the future.
CHRISTINE: Ms Roman has done it again in this awesome story of Ryan and Celeste. Ryan is an ex soccer player who is ready to hang up his “playboy days” to find a good woman to settle down. One day he decides to use an online dating site and met Celeste. She is a very strong, smart and hardworking career woman but she is very scared of commitment. Ryan felt like she was the one for him. Their characters and the story were very well written and engaging. Both the chemistry were amazing and I feel for them. Will Ryan be able to persuade Celeste to give their relationship a shot? You will have to read the
book to find out.



I’ve opened up my ARC group to new members. If you would like to read my stories for FREE and promise to put up your reviews in a timely manner, you can help me as an author in one of the most important ways possible. SIGN UP HERE.


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