The Dragon’s Librarian

Happy Cyber Monday! How about an excerpt from one of the stories I’m currently working on? This is from ‘The Dragon’s Librarian‘. To be published in January!




[ KANE ]


Standing on her tippy-toes, it was the nail polish that did me in. I’d always been a foot guy and I had to be staring at the sexiest pair of kicks I’d ever seen.

Said kicks belonged to a young woman, completely oblivious to my worshipful and lustful gaze. That was because I was on the other side of a library shelf, peering through the space and nearly breaking my neck in the process. I could hear her talking to herself, ever so light, barely audible. I could only imagine how sexy the rest of her was, at this point.

For the first time in five or so years, I found myself in an actual library. It had to do with work. I was a private investigator and scouring the shelves for a certain returned book, hoping it was there so I could dust if for prints. It was a long-shot, but my last hope at this venture.

My client wanted an update and I wanted to solve the case.

I finally went from crouching to standing, momentarily distracted by the pretty feet of the woman on the other side of the stack. She was on the move and so was I.

And then, there she was, in front of me. We almost ran into one another.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, pulling her nose out of a book. “Sorry about that…”

“Whoops! Sorry…” I said, hoping to catch her gaze. “Excuse me,” I said in my deepest voice, hoping she liked it.

She smiled softly, her gaze averting downwards and then she continued on her way, around me and on down the aisle. She stopped about midway and resumed working. Pulling and putting books from the shelves.

She’s a shy one…

I realized that I would need to engage her again. Who better to help me find a book than a librarian? A sexy-cute librarian at that.

“Might I get your help?” I asked.

She looked up at me, and I could see a slight flush spread across her pretty features.

“Sure, what do you need help with?”

Her voice was like cotton candy and vanilla. Warm, sweet and delicious. I was aroused by everything about her. Her big librarian, nerd glasses. The honey-blonde ponytail bob on her head, with curls surrounding her face. The pouty and ruby-colored lips, blessed with a dash of lip-gloss.

She stood looking at me, waiting patiently.

“How can I help you?” She said again, bringing me out of my reverie of admiration.

Get it together!

“This,” I said, handing her the postcard I’d written the title on, “I’m trying to find this book.”

She studied it, her wheels turning.

“You are in the wrong aisle. Here, follow me please,” she said, turning on her heels and leading me away.

I followed, admiring the sway of her hips. She wore a traditional private girls school, plaid skirt that stopped just above her knees. My gaze continued down her long legs to the pair of heeled, open-toed shoes she wore.

Revealing her toe cleavage.

Just about every sexy librarian fantasy that was out there in the porn universe was parading itself through my mind. And I was shamefully, getting hard. God bless if she actually bent over, I’d be in trouble and at near full mast.

It was as if she was oblivious to how attractive she was, while being completely coquettish at the same time.

She cleared her throat. I was embarrassed to see her looking at me, looking at her petite feet. I smiled a look of guilt.


“I believe you’ll find this title on this shelf…” she murmured, while dragging her finger along the spines of the books, her head tilted just so to see the titles. “Here it is, ‘All Hollow’s Night’, she said pulling it off the shelf and handing to me.

I accepted it and stopped myself from opening it. I needed to disappear to one of the private reading rooms and dust the book, in the hopes I might get something. Anything.

“If I need help again, may I know your name so I can ask for you?”

She smiled, “Of course. My name is Caitlin”

“Glad to meet you, I’m Kane.” I said, handing her one of my biz cards.

She looked at it, her face lighting up. “You’re a PI?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

She nodded along with me, “I’ve often thought about going into private investigation. My sister says that I don’t have the right personality for it. What do you think, what type of person can do PI work?”

“Someone who doesn’t mind being nosy and overly curious about the strange goings-on’s of life. But you have to have a tough side too. It can get grisly. People do crazy shit to one another.”

She blinked, studied my face closely and nodded ever-so-slightly. “Sounds about right. Would I need to study criminal justice and law?”

“Some do, many coming from the police force. But I didn’t.”


“No, I was in the military.”


An older woman, another librarian approached us. “Caitlin, there is a member on the phone who says you’ve been helping him with a catalog project?”

Caitlin looked like the cat caught with the canary. “Oh yes, I told him to give me a call today,” she said turning on her heels. “I’ll be right back,” she said, looking over her shoulder at me.

“Sir, was there anything I can help you with?” The librarian asked, an accusing look in her eye that told me I better beware.

I turned on my professional polish, “No, m’am. Caitlin helped me with what I needed, thank you.”

Being in the military will do that to you. Treating everyone with manners and respect, no matter the situation can really make an awkward situation less so.

She eyed me with a bit more scrutiny then went back to the librarian counter.




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