Master’s Maids & A Christmas Engagement

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Chapter One

~ 1 ~

~ ~ ~ ~

“Bend over.”

“Excuse me?” I asked, startled by the unusual request.

“Bend over, please.” He asked again, more politely.

I’d never been asked to ‘bend over’ at a job interview, but I’d been asked to do stranger requests in the employ of the wealthy, powerful and eccentric.

I stood and did exactly as he requested. I bent over. I peered over my shoulder. “To your satisfaction, sir?”

“Quite.” He said.

“May I sit down again?” I asked, holding the pose.

“Yes, please.” He said, his eyes no longer glued to my ass. Instead, he was perusing through my references.

“Can you be discreet?” He asked, again not looking at me in the face.

“Yes, of course. It’s part of the job typically.” I answered.

“Can you start next Monday?” He asked.

Thank god!

I needed work badly, this offer was happening just in the nick of time. Rent was due.

“Yes, absolutely.” I said gratefully.

“First, I need you to head to this address, today, for a drug and STD test.” He said matter-of-factly.

“Drug and STD test?” I asked, puzzled.

The drug test I got. But STD’s?

“Yes, have a problem with that?” His gaze was heavy and keen on me, watching me closely.

“Uh – no.” I said, my eyes wide. I was certain I was failing at keeping my surprise to a minimum.

“Good, today. As in, you leave this office and go straight there. Understand?” He said.

“Understood.” I answered.

“If you pass both, I won’t call and I expect you to be ready for work at seven a.m. at this address on Monday.” He pointed to the top of a document. “Only show up if you’ve read the details of the contract and can agree to them in writing. Bring your belongings, maids get room and board. We’ll tend to the details of the arrangement next week. For now, I’ll provide this and you can read. If you have questions, call me.” He said, then slid a document to me on the desktop.

Room and board too? So much for needing to pay rent…

“Thank you. You won’t regret having me in your employ. Good day.” I said, picking up the document.

In the elevator, after exiting the agency, I pulled out the contract and began to read. I noted that the pay was excellent. Better than anything I’d ever been paid before. Then my cheeks began to burn red from blushing. Disbelieving what I’d just read.

I gasped just as the elevator door opened. Those waiting for me to exit so they could enter, looked at me curiously.

I exited quickly and managed to find my crappy car in the parking lot. I got in, turned on the engine to get some heat going and finished reading the contract. Then I re-read it. Then again.

I wasn’t crazy, the terms really did require that I wear a sexy maid outfit, a mask, along with thong, lingerie-like underwear. I also needed to agree to being observed cleaning by the employer, as well as being willing to be spanked on regular occasion by a list of devices that ranged from paddles, his hand, and various kitchen utensils.

Holy shit! WTF?!

So that was why he’d had me bend over. To see if I had a nice ass.

In addition, I would need to take tests to check for STD’s on a monthly basis. Contraction of an STD was grounds for dismissal.

Last but not least, there was a paragraph about the premises having surveillance in all rooms and locations of the private residence and that I needed to be okay that all my ‘life activities’ could potentially be viewed and witnessed by said employer and his security staff. The one exception was the privacy of hygiene and toilette matters in a bathroom.

All this for room and board, maybe fifteen to twenty hours a week of ‘cleaning’ spread out over three to four shifts.  The pay was a flat, five thousand a month. The times that I was to be cleaning were very specific with strict reprimand if I missed a shift and grounds for immediate dismissal.

I should have realized.

Would I do it? Did I want to?

For that kind of money and so few working hours a week, I could go back to school and finish my degree. Was it worth it, being ogled while cleaning? Being spanked? Would I be safe? Was the spanker some creepy, old man? Or some pervy, young man? Either way, I was very hesitant to do this type of job or agree to this kind of work.

He had all my references, I knew nothing about him.




Chapter Two

~ 2 ~

~ ~ ~ ~


Eccentric was one word to describe the likes of Sir Sebastian Earl Cardiff. Money older than the history of some countries, his life a private world of caged privilege. His mother’s lineage from aristocratic Russia and his father’s ancestry from Wales in the UK.

Both bloodlines were exceedingly affluent, wealthy and near-royal. But private. Exceedingly private.

He sat by the fireplace, in the library, reading quietly. Anna was cleaning nearby, using the vacuum machine he liked best. The one with the long hose. On her knees, she was bent over and had the hose tucked deep under one of the sofas sucking up dust-balls.


Arousing for him. Oh so arousing…

Sebastian admired the curve of her ass cheeks, peeking out from under her very short maid-skirt. Anna wore the red thong.

For such a flimsy piece of material, it was highly effective. A road-block. Or more importantly, a cock-block.

Her red thong created a barrier. A line to not cross.

It was in the best interest of all involved. If everyone knew the arrangement, the agreement, and the terms of the contract – then it was clean, easy, mutual fun. No harm, no foul.

The women he employed to provide him relief for this specific fetish of his, were more of a collection than actual maids. Not that this mattered much to him or them. Their devoted time and service did matter, however. Hence the strict terms.

In a way, they were his harem. A harem that could pursue their own lives, on their own time, on their own terms as long as they were willing to serve him under his terms.

Pulling himself out of his reverie as Anna was doing an excellent job of enticing his fetish to spring to life, right on schedule.

“Anna.” He said.

“Yes sir?” She responded politely, immediately stopping to answer him.

“Please come here.” He requested.

“Of course, sir.” Anna replied and walked over to him. “On your lap, sir?”

“Yes, please.”

Anna carefully draped herself over his lap and waited. She’d been working for him nearly three years. He only ever touched and caressed her ass, then spanked her, and then dismissed her. Anna had grown to love being requested for a spanking this early in a shift as Sebastian typically would excuse her for the remainder of it.

Today, he used his hand. Which Anna preferred.

At first, she hated the spankings. Found them humiliating and painful. Almost too painful to tolerate at times. Over time, she’d grown fonder of Sebastian and learned to enjoy the pleasure and pain dynamic of a spanking. Once dismissed, she usually found her way to her room where she could then masturbate in private to find her own orgasmic satisfaction at the end of a spanking session.

“Anna, a new maid is going to start soon. May I ask you to help train her to the unique ways of my Manor?” Sebastian asked.


Anna let out a small gasp, aroused. “Yes, sir. Of course.”

“Good.” He said softly, caressing her round, reddening bottom. Preparing her for the next spanking.


Anna grunted.

The session continued until she felt Sebastian’s erection reach completion underneath the layer of clothing separating them. She felt him spasm as he came. He paused a moment, collecting himself, catching his breath and then politely dismissed her.

Anna stood and left the library and went straight to her room where she pulled off her thong as fast as she could and then turned on her Hitachi magic wand.

As the buzzing vibrations pleased her pussy and clit, she came quickly and with startling need. She thought about dangling over Sebastian’s knee and the feel of his palm against the skin of her ass.

She’d never enjoyed a job as much as this one. Besides, she was almost done with her PhD. One more year of his employ and she’d be one of the most educated maids in the world.


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