Ho Ho Ho, Bah Humbug…

bahhumbug It’s the week before Christmas and I’m doing my best to be in the Holiday spirit. But, I have to admit – I’m pretty bummed out.

Maybe it’s the KU Conundrum, maybe it’s because it’s been 2016, maybe it’s because I want to be happy, but the circumstance of my life just doesn’t allow for it?

2016sucked A few years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple health issues that have seriously impeded with the quality of my life, my energy level, and the ability to just experience some joy. For a while, the Holiday season was cheering me up, but today – I’m just all bah-humbuged out. Bleh!

bahhumbug2 One of the challenges in writing is that it requires inspiration, constant tenacity and a type of determination to see the story through – to the ending. About endings, I’m having a hard time writing them. I have a dozen stories that need to be finished and I think my own life circumstance is dictating my writing mojo.

I just can’t seem to get over the hump. And it’s driving me crazy. But today, I recognized that I can’t foresee my own ending with my ongoing health struggles and in a way, this has paralyzed my writing.

I have writer’s block.

Not sure how I’m going to get over the hump… I keep hoping to wake up with some inspiration, but nope. So, I’m not gonna expect it. Give myself a reprieve and see what happens.

Maybe 2017 will be better. I really can’t imagine it getting worse… Oi!






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