Sir Cardiff…

My secret proclivities will be her undoing…

I’m an Alpha Male. A Master. A Noble. The world knows me as Sir Cardiff.


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This story has spanking, orgies, soft BDSM, and one complicated British noble known as Sir Sebastian Cardiff. He has a unique proclivity and pays the women he employs very well for their time and service. All it requires is a sexy maid uniform and the ability to titillate their employer.


Celeste is in a dire spot. She needs money to pay the rent and has been fired from her maid job. So, when she is offered a unique arrangement for a generous monthly income, she jumps at the chance despite her concerns.

Her mysterious employer is pulled away from his New England estate to Cardiff, England due to an urgent family matter. He asks Celeste for her help, to play the part of his girlfriend so he can attend his Mother’s funeral with her on his arm.

But things get turned upside down when her life is in danger and he finally has to admit that he cares for her, as more than just a mere plaything. But will he be able to get her back?


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