Buzz Off & Back to your $5 latte! What $2.99 Pays For…

Warning! This is a RANT!!!!

mistress-rubys-coffee-beverage You’re paying for so much more than you ever realize when you buy an eBook from an Indie author.

You’re paying for us to disappear into our characters’ minds. To be them. Think like them. Feel like them. This takes time, bravery, energy, passion, belief, desire & a zillion more other emotions we experience as we write. It can be exhausting!

You’re paying for weaving together every.little.detail that makes a story, a story. So, so, so many details.

You’re paying for chapters deleted and lines rewritten. For editing scrutiny. For waking up in the middle of the night and realizing – I have to add this or delete that!

You’re paying for design. The way the book is formatted. The type of book cover that will capture the story. How we market to readers…

You’re paying for an average of 160 hours of time and 2-3 months of work, for every 25,000 – 45,000 words written. Minimum.

You’re paying for the time we take from friends, family and life responsibilities.

You’re paying so very little to receive a good amount of pleasure. Every day, most people easily spend $5 on a Starbucks beverage but then ping INDIE authors for FREE or $0.99 titles.

I literally give away THOUSANDS of FREE eBooks every single month. These are OLD stories whose window for good sales have passed but still provide entertainment and give readers new to my pen-names a chance to taste what I write. To find out if they like my stories. But when you ask me to provide a NEW release for $0.99 or FREE, I no longer want you to read my stories.


Because for every $0.99 I sale, I earn a measly $0.35. That’s right! Only 1/3 of that dollar comes back to me, the author.

Because you’re not worthy. Not worthy of my time, my talent, my hard work and my imagination. I give ZERO fucks.

So, buzz off and back to your latte. Go read someone else’s $0.99 story, cuz it won’t be mine.


p.s. my ARC team gets to read my stories for FREE. Consider joining!


4 thoughts on “Buzz Off & Back to your $5 latte! What $2.99 Pays For…

  1. Frederick Bauer says:

    How about writing longer stories for $2.99. You are entitled to pay your mortgage, put food on the table, etc., etc. Likewise, I am entitled to receive fair value for the money that I expend. I am willing to pay $0.03 per page. If you want $2.99, please write 100 pages. And please make it good, so that I want to spend another $2.99 when you do it again.

    BTW: This is MY rant. Thanks for listening.


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