What’s with the $0.01 reads, Amazon?

one-cent As many of you know, I’m the David in a Goliath-like ‘battle’ I have going on with Amazon. It has to do with a noticeable decline in income many authors are experiencing since summer of last year.

If you’ve read my latest blogs, I explain how this is happening and the adverse impact it is having on INDIE authors, many having to make drastic decisions about their writing businesses.

Amazon has been kind enough to provide me a dedicated executive customer relations contact who has been answering many of my questions and looking into my concerns. The latest is the case of the $0.01 book-read. What is this you ask?

Well, the KU (Kindle Unlimited) system literally pays out based on the # of pages a reader reads for a book borrowed via KU. What many of us have noticed is an increase of readers who are only reading ONE page and then abandoning the book. From our experience, this isn’t typical reader behavior.

For those of us who have eagle-eyed our reports over the years, this was an immediate red-flag. Once in a great while this happens. Most readers need to read at least a few pages before they decide to abandon a story, having decided that it isn’t for them. So, this is something we notice when it occurs. Here is a list of the $0.01 pages-read that I had for January.

So, I reached out to Amazon – again – and asked. The response? Everything is working as expected.


So, you tell me! Do you read one page of a book and is that enough for you to decide you don’t want to continue? For me, I know it takes more than a few pages at least. Hell, a couple of chapters. But one page? I don’t think so, Amazon.

~ Ruby


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