NaNoWriMo: Dragon Protectress Novel

It’s National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) and I’ve written 15K+ words over the last week for a new Dragon Shifter novel. Nope, scratch that… for a new mage series. Never mind, a new witch-sorceress series. No, not that either… How about all of the above? Yup! There we go…

You can watch my progress HERE.

red female dragon face On the cusp of my twenty-first birthday, my world is about to change more than I dared ever believe.

Plucked from an angry mob and into the sky, I have no idea who my rescuer is or why he saved me. In time, I learn that my family has been protected by his for centuries and that the many questions I’ve had all of my life will soon have answers.

But the revelation that my guardian and protector is a dragon-shifter and that I’m an awakening witch-sorceress can only prepare me so much before I’m fighting for my mind, my love, and my life.





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