Ruby Madden, like many authors, is but ONE pen-name from which I write under. Currently, I have FOUR. Slowly, I’m growing each pen-name’s platform with a focus on a different niche genre of fiction.

Ruby Madden was my first pen-name and was initially classified as erotica but grew into contemporary erotic romance.

Emerald Wright came about last year after I tried my hand at a paranormal romance (Spooked) under the Ruby pen-name. Reception to that story was very good, so I decided to write a were-bear, shapeshifter series – aptly titled, SHIFTER.

This year, I’m establishing a science fiction romance pen-name,  Amber Stuart. I’ve barely launched it but plan on growing a serial titled, Curvature.

My review average is pretty solid. It ranges from 4.4 – 4.7 for most of my stories.

What Readers Say



The Capture of Grace by Ruby Madden: I was blown away by this story. I’ve actually never read anything by this author, but if all her books are like this then I will be an emotional wreck after each one. ~ Lourin

SHIFTER: Grizzly Bundle, Parts 1-5: This box-set consists of five episodes that was absolutely fantastic to read and even though it ended on a cliffhanger I still thoroughly enjoyed reading this box-set. The story covers Cassidy, a curvy paranormal erotic author who needs help editing the last three chapters of her book. Her current editor is unable to help her and refers her to Abe, a editor recently divorced and a bear shifter, he realizes that Cassidy is his mate and this is where the story really gets interesting. What you will find in this story is, strange dreams, going to the gyp, snide remarks, assault, arrest, bail, kissing and promptly passing out, emotional feelings, romantic interests, a dormant alpha female, a beta to her female, a primary mate, sharing a mate, reading thoughts, M/M/F, unplanned pregnancy, two fathers and erotic scenes. The story-line and plot is well thought out and written and the scene description is excellent. The characters are well developed and have personalty with needs and desires. I am waiting with anticipation for the next in this series. ~ Patricia Hoffstaetter

SHIFTER: Grizzly Bundle, Parts 1-3“Wow! Now this is definitely a book with a twist that will have you wondering who, what, where, when and how! Cass is an author who writes paranormal books, usually about shifters, and is in desperate need of her editor. But when she puts the call out, finds herself being referred to a “newly arrived to the area, divorcee” looking for work! After arranging to meet him at the local café, she finds herself picking her jaw bone up off the floor, when the most hunky man she has ever seen walks through the doors and asks for her. As soon as Abe sets eyes on the curvy beauty waiting for him, he knows he’s done for….she’s the one for him.

Cute and quirky, this tale will have you rolling around laughing, then switching it up a notch or two, making you want to dry hump anything and everything close by. Throw in Jason, the cop who has to arrest Cass, and who has also caught her attention, and we have the makings of one of those spicy, something nice tales that will have you drooling more often than not. This is the first three parts to the series and has left us hanging a bit, but most definitely worth the read. Now, all I need is the next episode please!” ~ CindyC




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jenny says:

    Read your email about the KU Conundrum and have a thought for you. The drop in readership might be due to the election and holidays right afterwards- I know that I’m enrolled in KU and haven’t had a spare minute to read since the beginning of October.
    I’d like to know 2 things- first, do you make more money actually selling a book for .99 or for people reading it on KU? And second- how does Amazon figure out how many pages a person reads? If I buy a book, read the first page, then zip through to the last page, will the author get paid for 2 pages or the whole book?


    • Hi Jenny! Great questions… That was one of my guesses – that the election caused a dip in overall reading habits both to sales and borrows. However, we’ve collectively observed some other issues and want Amazon to address them. To your questions, most authors earn more from a ‘borrow‘ than a $0.99 ‘sale‘. Amazon has a tier system for indie authors/publishers when it comes to royalties earned for eBooks.

      $0.99 – $2.98 = 35% profit for the author/publisher
      $2.99 – $9.99 – 70% profit for the author/publisher

      Per Amazon, they have a way of monitoring how many pages a reader reads via their kindles and we get ‘paid per page‘ (ppp) read. The rate paid out each month is a variable. That means, the rate changes. Here are the rates for 2016 so far:


      JAN $0.00411
      FEB $0.00479
      MARCH $0.00478
      APRIL $0.00496
      MAY $0.00464
      JUNE $0.00491
      JULY $0.00481
      AUG $0.00458
      SEPT $0.00490
      OCT $0.00519
      NOV ?
      DEC ?

      We don’t know November’s rate yet but will know on the 15th. Each month, on the 15th, Amazon lets us know how many collective pages are read and what the $ amount of the pool of money they set aside for the KU program. It’s around $12 million currently. This is how they come up with the rate to pay the authors who have eBooks in the KU program.

      For example…

      Total # of pages read / $12 millon = ppp

      This answer is probably more detailed than you anticipated, but I figure that other people (readers) will be curious and this way, it’s all spelled out.

      As to your last question, we’re not sure. We’ve been told different things. Initially, we were told that yes – they had a way of knowing if the reader actually read each page of an eBook. Then there was a lot of scamming that occurred and in the process of Amazon having to put a stop to the scammers, it came out that the system could be tricked into reporting that all the pages were read, but in reality the readers had skipped from the front of the ebook to the end of the ebook. So, honestly – who knows? All we know is something seems wrong about it overall…

      Thank you for your questions and let me know if that helped?
      Happy Holidays to you! 🙂



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