SHIFTER: Grizzly, #5 


Cassidy: We’re engaged! Time to get the rest of our lives started.

Part 5 of a serial!

Cassidy is no longer an aspiring author. She hit the big-time, money-wise, with her paranormal romance shifter titles that are all the rage. She’s a success!

With her finances secure, she is taking a break from the genre and revisiting a former dream of writing the great American novel. First, she needs to get her latest book completed and in the hands of her publisher, ASAP. There’s just one problem, she’s switched out the last three chapters and needs them to be edited. But her editor isn’t available. What’s an author to do?

Help comes in the shape and form of Abe. New to town, a seasoned editor and ruggedly handsome, he’s not only willing to take on the editing job, he can do it fast. When they meet, the chemistry is instant and Abe is drawn to the curvy writer.

This series includes profane language, as well as adult and sexual content.








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