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Celeste just wants to pay her rent. When she accepts a unique and unusual arrangement as a maid for an eccentric near-royal and British noble in New England, she never imagined how much her life could change in one month.

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Inside this collection you’ll find 13 stories to warm your heart and get your pulse racing. Whether you like your romance sweet and sexy or spicy and hot, there’s a whole bunch of reading pleasure for everyone in this eclectic mix.

Dip into this Valentine collection at any time of the year, whenever you need a sexy bedtime read or something to lift your spirits.

Take a peek at what’s inside:

I Hate You, Cupid by Heather Cole
Cupid’s Arrow by Meg Cooper
Pinkie Promises by Jane Danger
Waiting for Cupid by Caia Fox
Horngry by Troy King
Cops & Robbers by Fallen Kittie
Falling for Cupid by Christin Lovell
Two Gods Walk Into a Bar by Audrey Lusk
Candy’s Cupid by Ruby Madden
Hold Me Tender & Kiss Me Tender by Ruby Madden
Couple’s Skate by A. Regina Cantatis
Love in the Wild by Twyla Turner
Waiting for You by Lydia Young



Candy is a hardworking attorney that has next to no social life. Her friend has taken drastic steps to help her out since Candy is flirting with the idea of starting an affair with a married man.

Help comes in the form of Casey, called and nick-named Cupid, by his friends and clients. As an escort, he plays by the rules, providing company for his clients, truly only wining and dining them, and leaving the arrangement chaste.

Candy manages to figure out what her friend is up to and decides to push Cupid’s limits. It’s a matter of time, and a battle of wills, until the handcuffs come out.

DETAILS: Interracial, WWBM, 15,000 words, Dual POV’s, 3rd Person, Holiday


Clementine, an in-demand sketch artist who needs an escape from her hectic, stressful and busy city life decides to take a much needed one-year sabbatical. She welcomes the chance to move to a small town in the South and inhabit the old, Victorian mansion that upon her aunt’s recent passing, was willed to her.

Upon arriving, Clementine meets Gabe, a kindly, considerate and sexy jack-of-all-trades who helped her aunt while she was alive, with the house, doing maintenance, repairs and property upkeep.

Instantly drawn to one another, Clementine wonders if he likes curvy women such as herself while worrying what he might think if he knows she’s what’s known as a white-witch? A benevolent practitioner of the elements, magic and energy.

Meanwhile, Gabe wonders if Clementine will figure out that he’s not exactly mortal or living. That he is in fact, a spook. A ghost.

Ultimately, they will discover a hidden mystery about their unique connection, crossing time and space to reveal the truth. Their enduring love.

DETAILS: Stand Alone Novella w/ HEA ending. 18,000 words, 65 eReader pages. BBW, Interracial (BWWM), Paranormal & Mystery Romance: Told in 3rd person POV by primary character, Clementine.


Provided an illicit taste of domination by her boyfriend’s father, one young woman has no idea what is around the corner and the world she willingly embraces.

An aspiring Actress, the audacious and playful, twenty-something Clara Owen has a penchant for knowing and meeting people while being in the right place, at the right time. But never did she imagine she would meet the man of her dreams, and her future Master, when serendipitously invited to a private Hollywood party on Halloween night.