This is my FIFTH year of writing and publishing. Along the way, I’ve read a lot of stories that I’ve wanted to share with readers. I have a very eclectic range and read like I write – many different stories at the same time. I’ve decided to start sharing my thoughts about books I’m reading. Please note that these reviews are entirely my own opinion and in no way, have they been solicited.


This week I review three stories. Rose, Boyfriend for Hire and BloodRunner Dragon. Rose is a FREE download and the other two were borrowed via Kindle Unlimited



Whisked away, saved from her boring life… 

So, for this weekend – I’d like to share the saucy erotic western that isROSE’ by VANESSA VALE. ‘Rose’ is the first book in the bestselling STEAMY historical series, Wildflowers of MontanaI picked this up for FREE and dove in.

Rose is one of eight orphaned sisters who live on a ranch in Montana. They are known as the Montana wildflowers and are being raised by Miss Trudy and Miss Esther who are well-off from running a brothel in Chicago. She’s a tom-boy and has outgrown the safety of the loving home they’ve provided her. Restless, she wants to strike out on her own.

Chance has been watching and waiting. He is a nearby neighbor whose had his sights on Rose for a while, waiting for her to reach a respectable marrying age. Rose is the woman he wants to be his bride, he just has to get her to realize it first.

The pace of the story is brisk, with just enough set-up to get it moving along quickly enough. Before we know it, after attracting unwanted attention that Chance rescues her from, hero & heroine are married by the justice of the peace and things heat up on the horse-ride home. Chance is a patient man, but how much longer can he be patient before he claims what’s his? His new bride.

Chance likes to refer lovingly to Rose as ‘kitten’ which I thought was both sexy and adorable. He definitely has some caveman (possessive, controlling) qualities going on, which a reader can either love or find silly and ridiculous. It just depends on how well the hero’s character is developed otherwise.

It has the tender eroticism of a first-time virgin and the sexy heat level that comes from such lovemaking scenes. Chance is eager to share and show his new bride all the pleasures of sex. First lovemaking scene starts @ 20% into the story and is 8 pages long. There are definitely some corny lines that might indulge an eye-roll or few, but I still kept reading. And then sex scene after sex scene after sex scene for the remainder of the story. So, plenty of rub-off material in this little novella!


QUOTES: “Whatever that fence post did to you, it sure is sorry now.” The deep voice that came from behind me was such a surprise that I hit my thumb with the hammer.

“The idea that she would venture alone without a plan or direction had my palm twitching. She needed to be taken in hand before she hurt herself and I wasn’t there to save her.”

TROPES: Virgin Heroine, Caveman Cowboy, Rescued from Near-Rape, Dominant Male

*   *   *

Boyfriend for Hire‘ 


Afraid of physical intimacy, Amy makes a brave choice to meet her desire…

Amy has just sold her pharmaceutical start-up and is now flush with cash and time. Plenty of both. She’s been seeing a therapist for counseling about her issues involving relationships, sex and intimacy. She makes a bold decision with the encouragement and guidance of her therapist and hires a male escort for a week retreat in an exotic location.

Mike is a profession escort caught off-guard by his desire and attraction to his latest client, Amy. Recognizing that she’s nervous and hesitant about the purpose of her vacation with him, he’s smart enough to suggest that they do activities outside of the bedroom that will give them a chance to warm up to and get to know one another.

I liked the pacing of this story. They could have certainly jumped into bed straight away, given the set-up of the story, but it was more fun to see the desire between them build up. Even more-so in an exotic location. 

*   *   *

BloodRunner Dragon


They’ve both moved on with their lives, but has their love moved on as well?

Harper is a female dragon-shifter who can’t forget the memory of Wyatt. She returns to his hometown hoping for a second chance but finds Wyatt is damaged and troubled. Seeking to help him, she has to fight to get him to accept her back into his life and world. Of which he is ashamed.

The story starts with Wyatt having to satisfy the terms of an agreement he made with Arabella, a vampire. Disgusted with himself, he has no choice as he is doing it to protect the woman he loves – Harper.


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