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1)   Ruby Madden
Genre: Holiday Erotica

2)   Lynda Belle
Genre: Erotic Romantic Shorts

3)   Malicia Paine
Genre: BDSM Couples Erotica

4)   Jacinta Laurenti
Genre: Lesbian Erotic Fairy Tales

5)   Nikki Solo
Genre: Holiday Workplace Menage  MFM Alpha Erotica

6)   Grace Risata
Genre: Erotic Romance

7)   Natalie Bennett
Genre: Paranormal Erotica


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{Novella: 42,000 words, approx: 150+ eReader pages}

Clay and Grace each have their secrets. They share a taboo but complimentary desire.

It’s just another day in the City of Roses when Clay first lays his eyes upon the enchanting Grace. Serendipity weaves an opportunity for them to meet.

Grace has been hurt before and has a difficult time trusting men. Rather than dating, she spends her workdays avoiding and evading unwanted male attention, spending most of her evenings and nights home alone, reading books and watching movies, while eating sweet indulgences to bury her pain. How can she break past the barrier within herself to receive the attention and attraction of the men she desires? Does she dare reveal and share why she’s so hesitant to be intimate with them?

Spellbound from their initial encounter, Clay seeks to know Grace better and discovers they have something in common. Just like her sweet disposition, Grace very much loves her sweet indulgences and secretly, Clay has been seeking just such a woman to indulge, pleasure and love. Clay puzzles over how he can capture Grace’s sensual appetite and desire? But will he be able to capture her heart too?

When each find physical comfort in other lovers, what will it take for them to make the step towards an erotic connection and true love? As the forces of serendipity first pull them together, then apart – will they come together again?

True to life, this novella speaks to the mysterious encounters and connections made with near-strangers and what life has in store for us if we’re brave enough to make a choice. The choice.



*  *  *

{ GREG }

Greg snuck quietly into Grace’s apartment, as he usually did on Sunday mornings. He put the bagels he’d bought on her kitchen table and next to them, an envelope with her name written on it.

He walked softly from her small kitchen through her living room and to her bedroom door. It was cracked open. He slowly opened it further so he could peek in on her and stepped in, very quietly, not wanting to wake her.

Greg peered down at her. Grace was soundly sleeping, curled up and cozy in her bed.

“I hope I’m doing the right thing and I hope you’ll forgive me someday…” Greg whispered out loud, mostly to himself, into the quiet of Grace’s bedroom.

Grace’s grey-headed lovebird, Romeo, rustled in his cage, acknowledging Greg’s lowered voice.

Typically, they’d drink the espresso drinks from Stumptown Coffee that he’d also brought, and munch on toasted bagels with cream cheese, lox, capers and onions. Eventually, one would drag the other into the shower where they would enjoy each another carnally.

Around one or two pm in the afternoon, properly fed from their Sunday brunch, clean from their shower, and pleased and satiated from their mid-day sex, they’d make their way to the local park for a stroll or to a bookstore or maybe to a café where Grace would read and Greg would do his homework.

He thought back to that first time, the one that had made this a bit of a tradition for them.

“Get out! You love lox and bagels too?” Grace had semi-squealed while gently smacking him with her down pillow.

“Of course, it’s a New York classic brunch, what’s not to like?” Greg leaned in for a kiss, once he’d wrestled the pillow from her. They’d just spent their first carnal evening together and he’d had the pleasure of waking up in her bed.

“I’m so hungry…” She’d purred into his ear.

“Can’t imagine why? What is this, romp number three about to happen?” Greg pulled her in to him for yet another kiss.

“Serious, Greg. I’m famished. I need to get showered, get coffee and get fed. Like NOW.” Grace stated, disentangling herself from his hold and slipping out of her bed.

Reluctantly, he’d climbed out of bed and followed her to the bathroom. He watched her sexy curvy bottom as she bee-lined straight for the shower. He’d joined her in the shower where they’d played together yet again, all oral, before getting dressed and heading to her favorite bagel spot in Portland.

Greg wised up and decided to bring the bagel and lox fest to Grace. That way, he could keep her fed and satisfied in more ways than one. The sex between them was amazing. So hot.

Today was different. Today, he was ending it.

They enjoyed each other’s company, being silly and playing around. Lovers or casual fuck-buddies, more or less. But there wasn’t any passion, nothing ardent. It was as if there was precious little emotionally connecting Grace to him.

But why? He’d puzzled over this…

It wasn’t meant to be and now he understood why.

He’d come to terms with the startling truth and finally decided to do the honorable thing. He would end it with Grace so that she could have what she truly desired, the man she truly loved. As much as it pained him to let her go, he’d man up and be a gentleman. He’d put her needs before his and cut her loose. Hope for the best.

Greg knew he’d be broken-hearted and sad, but he also knew he couldn’t pretend any longer. He just simply didn’t have it in him to play the façade any longer.

He’d miss Grace, her appetite, sexual and otherwise. He’d miss the laughs and the playful teasing, when she got silly. How she read all the time and walked around oblivious to herself and her beguiling loveliness.

He wouldn’t miss the sadness, or the underlying unhappiness she tried to hide or cover up. He wouldn’t miss noticing that faraway, distant gaze when she would drift off, lost in her thoughts.

Greg hadn’t understood why Grace seemed this way. He’d thought it would pass and that he would come to know her or understand her better.

Instead, it persisted.

Until one night, the randomness of events lined up. That fated occurrence that once happens, can no longer be denied. The moment when it seems the clock-hands of the universe itself have reached down into a mere mortal life to manifest something pivotal. When occurrences line up, undeniable.

Coyly hidden inside the simplest of exchanges.

+ + +



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A novella about erotic awakening in Tinseltown and the City of Angels, Hollywood & Los Angeles.

Provided an illicit taste of domination by her boyfriend’s father, one young woman has no idea what is around the corner and the world she willingly embraces.

An aspiring Actress, the audacious and playful, twenty-something Clara Owen has a penchant for knowing and meeting people while being in the right place, at the right time. But never did she imagine she would meet the man of her dreams, and her future Master, when serendipitously invited to a private Hollywood party on Halloween night.



Chapter 1

{ Mansion }

The first time I saw the mansion, his home – I sat stunned, in his idling car, in complete disbelief.

We’d been seeing one another for three months and he’d awkwardly asked me the week prior to meet his family, in their home, for dinner.

The most hilarious thing in retrospect is that I had prepared myself for the worst. By the way he had described his family, I thought I was about to meet a bunch of hicks in a trailer park. He’d made it seem that his home life was terrible and spoke of his family as if they were heathens.

Clearly, I mistook his idea of terrible.

We’d driven about ten minutes down a canyon on the outskirts of town where private property was gated, with ample land. The further you drove, the larger the homes got. Until they became mansion-sized homes.

We pulled in front of a gorgeous Victorian home that sat on at least an acre of land with giant oak trees gracing it on all sides. I was glad it was dark in the car as he would have seen my mouth open wide from awe.

“You ready?” Jaxon asked, pushing the private gate opener then garage opener to a five car garage.

I turned to look at him, “Serious? You live here? This is your family’s home?”

“Yes,” he said matter-of-factly, “Remember what I said, they’re crazy. My family is crazy.”

He pulled the car into what was his spot in the large garage. His old Volvo now sat parked to a new Volvo, a Mercedes, a Range Rover, and a Porsche.

He turned off the car and looked at me, pulled me closer to him. “Remember what I said, just be you. They’ll love you, they’re going to love you more than me. They’ll want to get rid of me and adopt you, I just know it.”

I wasn’t so sure, but I was too intrigued at this point to resist. I had had no idea his family was wealthy. “You’re rich. You’re filthy rich…”

He smirked, clearly amused. “No, my parents are rich. I’ll be rich someday, when I inherit part of their money and my grandparent’s trust, but I’m not rich. They are.”

“Still. You come from a wealthy family…” I leaned back in the seat, my head completely against the head-rest and shook it in complete disbelief. I was trying to absorb this new realization about him.

He noticed, “Hey, you ok?”

I nodded ever so slightly. He snuggled up to me and we kissed. One of those sweet kisses that I loved. I also loved how his breath smelled and nuzzled into him a bit.

“I don’t care that you’re rich… It’s just a surprise. I was expecting…” I paused, “…something else.”

“What were you expecting? A trailer park?” He snickered.

I let out a loud laugh. Actually, that was exactly what I’d been expecting although I would never tell him.

Allow me to rewind for you.

We’d met a few months ago at a party. My co-worker, Tanya, had been talking non-stop about this new guy she was spending a lot of time with and was driving me crazy about it. Tanya wanted us to meet. I didn’t really care if I met her new, hot, ‘sexy-as-hell’ guy friend. I just wanted her to shut up about it already.

There we were, eleven p.m. one Saturday night and I’m sitting on a sofa talking with some friends. Tanya walks up to introduce everyone to Jaxon. At first, I’m indifferent. I do my best to ignore him. But when Tanya walks away to mingle, he sits right down next to me, drapes his arm over the back of the sofa and gets as close to me as he can.

Eyebrows raised, I just look at him with a look that says, are you for real? I can’t believe he is behaving this way with Tanya around. What a jerk!

He just grins back, the devil in his eye saying hello quite clearly. He’s attracted to me. I’m not so attracted to him, yet. I’m annoyed.

Fast forward three hours later and Tanya has left the party in an angry huff, leaving Jaxon without a ride home. She’d noticed that he spent the entire night sitting next to me or following me around like a puppy dog wherever I went. The entire time, I’m thinking, what a douche this guy is.

I’m ready to leave the party and head home when he asks for a ride to his car, which is sitting in a parking lot a half hour away, on the other side of town. Shaking my head as its now two a.m., I relent as I know there isn’t a chance in hell he’ll get a taxi on a Saturday night at the same hour when all the bars are closing. Not to mention public transit is practically non-existent in this part of town.

Flatly, I state, “Sure, but you need to behave.”

Fast forward three months later and I’m his girlfriend. What can I say, the guy won me over that fated night. When we arrived to his parked, beat-up Volvo, halfway across town, he offered me to share in smoking a joint. I passed but he partook and the silliness soon ensued.

We ended up laughing and chatting into the wee hours of the morning. When the sun started to rise, he asked if I wanted to go to a close by Denny’s and get breakfast. Despite myself, I was warming up to him, I agreed to it and soon, we were feasting on pancakes, eggs and hash-browns.

“What’s Tanya like to work with?” He asked, his mouth full.

I paused, curious he’d asked. “You ought to know, she’s your girlfriend.”

He started to cough, almost choking and spitting out his bite.

Concerned, I patted him on the back. “You ok?!”

He caught his breath and swallowed his food. “Yes, but Tanya is NOT by girlfriend.”

“She’s not?” I said, confused.

“No, not at all. We just hang out sometimes and have a couple of classes together, that’s all.”

I put down my fork, “Does Tanya know this? Serious, are you playing around with her?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” He asked, looking genuinely confused.

“She talks about you as if you two are together. You know, boyfriend, girlfriend.” I said.

He looks surprised and annoyed. “We’re not together. I promise.”

I wonder if he’s being honest with me. “You’re not playing me right now are you?”

He starts to laugh. “No, I swear. I promise. I’m not like that.”

Something tells me he’s being straight with me. I continue eating and drop the topic. I decide to never share with Tanya how the night ended. As it turns out, she quit her job a couple of weeks later and we never speak again.

At first, it had just been phone calls and texts, then he was coming to my place for random, impromptu picnics on my days off from work. Then he took me to the movies, got me high and we made out in the parking lot for a couple hours afterwards, passing popcorn and M&M’s back and forth in sweet-salty kisses, giggling like thirteen year old tweens.

Initially, I had been a little bit hesitant and resistant. Now, here I am. Meeting his parents. His family.

We go inside his home, the mansion and he gives me a tour. I can hear voices in the distance, but since the home is twelve thousand square feet in size, he explains, I realize it will be a while before the tour is over. I’m in awe. The home is breath-taking. Priceless quality everywhere.

“What would your home sell for on the market?” I ask, half-whispering. I’ve never been in a home this beautiful. I know the question is somewhat inappropriate, but I can’t help myself.

“My mother says five million, my father says six million. I trust what my father says, he has a more realistic gauge of money. My mother inherited hers, my father works for his.”

“What does your father do for a living?” I ask while running my finger along the edge of the pool table, as we have just entered the billiards room. I can already tell it will be my favorite place to spend time in this amazing home.

“He’s a surgeon, a Doctor.” He rolls the eight ball at me, leaning innocently against the pool table. I roll the ball back at him.

“Oh.” I say. It’s all I can say. I’m impressed.

He’s studying my face, “My grandfather and great grandfather were Doctors too. My family is hoping one of us goes into medicine. I can tell you right now, it won’t be me. I have no interest in medicine.”

I nod, it’s all I can do. Whereas most young women my age – of college age – are vying to get a date, let alone a boyfriend, exactly like Jaxon, with this kind of family and life. I was simply enjoying getting high with him in his old, beat-up Volvo and making out. It was ridiculous, I felt like I was in a fairy-tale.

Somehow, my ‘guy’ had a castle. Just like that.

When we finally make our way to the grand room and adjoining dining room that extends out into the California sunshine to a dining deck next to a sparkling swimming pool, I can see that his parents are lounging while enjoying cocktails. A maid in the kitchen is furiously working on finishing dinner while Jaxon’s parents are sitting outside, watching the sunset.

I hear their conversation drifting inside…

“Honey, you can’t go to the hospital now. We’re about to meet Jaxon’s girlfriend. He’ll be disappointed.” Said a very soft, very feminine voice.

Just as Jaxon’s father stands to leave for, what I can only assume, is the hospital – Jaxon and I step outside to meet them.

His father sees me first.

We lock eyes, I smile shyly. I’m intimidated – it’s not every day that I meet millionaire neurosurgeons. It’s not every day that I meet an older, distinguished man who is even handsomer than my twenty-something, sexy boyfriend. I go weak in the knees.

I’m in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Jaxon’s mother turns to look over the back of her chair and eagerly gets up to meet us and introduce herself. I’m once again stunned. She’s an Elizabeth Taylor type of beauty, only homier and with the kindest, crystal blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

It’s a flurry of greetings and hugs. I’m embraced by both of his parents. I find myself swimming in the after-effect of Jaxon’s father’s cologne. His olive-toned, spicy skin, his chiseled looks and polished, physician demeanor. I feel dizzy and have to take a step back to settle myself.

Jaxon’s mother clues in immediately and says charmingly, “You must be so nervous. I would be, it was always a bit nerve-wracking to meet my boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Here, let me get you a drink. What would you like?”

I manage to stammer out, “A rum and diet coke, please?” My mouth is dry and my heart is thumping furiously – from attraction. To both his parents. I cannot even believe it. These people are gorgeous, rich and oddly – very N-I-C-E. They’re not crazy, not that I can tell. Eccentric, perhaps? But who wouldn’t be with this kind of money and life.

Jaxon’s father steps away, excusing himself and stating that he needs to make a phone call. Once he slips into their mansion, I hear him talking on the phone, he’s asking someone to cover for him – he can’t come in.

Needs to stay with the family, at home. You know how it is, I’ve been working too much. She’s insisting. Meeting my son’s girlfriend for the first time…

The conversation ends in a brief murmur I can’t hear. A moment later, I hear his steps walking back towards us.

I’m flattered. Is he staying because of me? Am I wrong to believe that he took one look at me and changed his mind? His patient could wait and be cared for by someone else, I guess?

Jaxon pulls forward a seat for me, and his mother returns, my beverage in hand. “Here you go darling, please do let me know if it’s to your taste?”

I take a nervous sip, it’s exactly as I like. Of course. “Thank you, it’s perfect.” I smile warmly. I love how she converses, a bit old-fashioned and cultured. I’m not used to this type of social circle and despite how friendly and welcoming they are, I worry that I will make a blunder.

Everyone sits back down and somehow conversation veers to a recent blockbuster movie that is out in theaters. There is nothing formal about how they interact with each other. Instead, they’re relaxed and even flippant at times. I casually but keenly watch, listen and observe the family dynamics.

Eventually, two of Jaxon’s older siblings, his brother and sister, who are fraternal twins, join us. I soon learn that both are home for the summer from pursing their Masters Degrees at Stanford. They seem only slightly interested in meeting me and disdainful in general about being present for the family dinner.

His older sister is named Sydney, and his older brother is named Jay. With startling similarity, they each have the same appearance of Jaxon’s parents. Sydney is similar to their mother and Jay is similar to their father. I’m in awe at this point by all the out of control attractiveness of his family.

They pass a look between each other when I catch Jaxon’s father staring intently at my crossed, bare legs. I’m wearing a summer skirt and strappy sandals. I realize that my skirt is hiked up a bit higher than I would like it to be. I adjust it as unobtrusively as I can, feeling a blush rise to my cheeks.

When the maid comes outside to let Jaxon’s mother know that their dinner is ready, we all step inside to dine.  I eat one of the best meals of my life, mostly quiet, keeping to myself, but interjecting enough conversation so as to not appear rude. I want to be liked by his family, even if I’m noticing that there’s obvious tension amongst them. They don’t ask me many questions, which is more than fine with me. I’m feeling oddly shy, surrounded by Jaxon’s family.

About mid-way through dinner, Jaxon’s two younger siblings join. Another set of fraternal twins, two boys. They’re in their mid-teens and arrive like a football party. All testosterone energy, fast-moving elbows, very hungry and talking fast in slang-speak. Jaxon’s mother does her best to get them under control, for my sake, I detect and it’s not until we’re being served dessert that she’s finally able to introduce us.

They too, seem equally disinterested in my presence or being with their family for dinner. They’re just there for the food. I take no offense as there will be time enough to interact with them. This is simply day one in getting to know Jaxon’s family.

I’m in awe, however. I can tell the family is used to being received with a certain amount of stupefaction. I imagine that they can only presume my silence is simply me being me, being normal. It isn’t, I love to talk except when I’m in awe of something, someone or as in this case – a family of someones.

Jaxon is the middle child, between two sets of twins. It’s unbelievable.

How is it that I’ve been making out with this guy for three months and I know none of this about him? What other secrets is he keeping from me?



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